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For those going to Charlotte for the game this weekend...


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Sunday is a HUGE game for the Falcons and I'll be talking as much smack as anyone on game day. But, I also know that Falcons fans have a big heart when it comes to helping those less fortunate among us, and although times are tough for everyone right now, I thought this was good information to share with those of us who will be making the trip to Carolina this weekend.

Panthers to Hold Food Drive

Panthers to hold food drive

Posted Nov 2, 2009


The Carolina Panthers will hold their annual Holiday Food Drive to benefit the Salvation Army's Christmas Bureau when they play the Atlanta Falcons at Bank of America Stadium on Sunday, Nov. 15 at 1 p.m.

Fans are encouraged to bring "one can per fan" or other non-perishable food item with them to the game. Volunteers from the Salvation Army will be at each entrance with collection barrels when the gates open at 11 a.m.

"With the help of Panthers fans, our goal is to raise more than 10 tons of food to feed hungry families in Greater Charlotte. It is no surprise that the need is greater than ever this year. Panthers fans have always been generous in answering the call to assist those in need in our community," said Riley Fields, the Carolina Panthers director of community relations.

For fans who forget their food donations, the Salvation Army will also have red kettles set-up for those wishing to make monetary gifts. All food and money collected at the game will be used by the Salvation Army to serve more than 20,000 people in Greater Charlotte this holiday season.

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"Sunday is a HUGE game for the Falcons and I'll be talking as much smack as anyone on game day."

Just So you all know this in advance.

I have heard a sayin bout ol Bankerbird;

You wont be able to hand a Lickin to a Chicken or a Razzin to a Rat, when Bankerbird starts Talkin Smack!


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Banker, I know how much you dislike the Panties.

This is a noble effort on your part.

I won't be attending, but if you are somewhere near the south side of ATL I can meet you and give you a few items to take with you. PM me if interested.

Thanks, man. As a Christian, I can let my disdain for the Panties go only so far. :P I'm not close to the southside (I live east of the city in Covington), otherwise I'd take you up on that offer. But, check the Road Trip forum as there may be someone there who might be able to take those off your hands. ;)

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I might be going to the next home game. Where are the good tailgate places ?

A bunch of us are getting together for a pre-tailgate at the Hooters downtown on Saturday evening. Check out this thread in the Road Trip forum for more details. Dipper is heading it up.

As for tailgating on game day, generally speaking, Panthers fans tailgating sucks. It really does. This will be my 7th straight year attending this game and it's some of the quietest tailgating I've ever experienced. I'm not sure if there's an "organized" tailgate for Falcons fans, but keep checking the Road Trip forum or send a PM to Dipper. He might know.

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