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UPDATED! The OFFICIAL "I'll Help Pay Coach Smith's Fine" Thread

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I bet if that was Vick , an Mora got fined yall wouldnt donate. Vick got hit several times when he was clearly out of bounds an if Mora wouldve done what smith done. You all wouldntve ever donated. T

lol. big talk. yall ain't paying nothing.

Children are dieing in Africa every second and we're collecting money for a millionaire.

You are totally on top of this. Sounds like it couldnt be in better hands.

Thanks for setting this up and coming up with a great idea.

I think that Coach Smith is involved with some youth organizations, which is where the money might end up, unless he tales the team to Hooters for wings.

I'm just kidding.

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This whole thing was a non-event, no punches were

thrown and if he gets fined I am going to protest,

not help him pay it. These bogus fines are getting

out of hand. D.Hall deserves a lot more than being

cussed at "touched in a hurtful way" or whatever he

said happened.

Please tell how your protest is going to be even remotely effective.

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Can we make suggestions of which charity the money should go to? I was thinking of the "underachieving, self-righteous, Prima Dona NFL player reform". Isn't MeAngelo the poster child for that organization?

I'd rather leave it to the charity that Coach Smith is already invloved in (I think it is a youth foundation).

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Shut up. My daughter just applied there this week.wacko.giflaugh.gif

You are a FAR braver man than I. My daughter is 8 and I almost had a heart attack when I saw what she wanted to wear for Halloween. I can't imagine my little princess in Hooters shorts serving a bunch of drunken idiots staring at her body. You sir have the patience and understanding of a Buddhist Priest.

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