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A thought about our defense against the redskins

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I was watching the game and like most Falcon's fans somewhere late in the third quarter I was like, "what the he11 is going on". I though about it and was able to re-watch most of the game and there were a couple of things that helped to put it in perspective.

First, the third down that cambell scrambled for a long gain and first down started the third. There was very good coverage down field and our D line did a good job. The only issue was that we got pushed out of our rushing lanes a little bit and cambell was able to take off. Chalk that to inexperience.

I'm not sure if it was designed by the coaches, or if the DB's were doing it intentionally but the FS was playing way to far off the line of scrimage in my opinion. The biggest thing was how soft we were playing the WR's. I understand not wanting to give up a big play, but the redskins hit 4 quick slants on the first drive of the third quarter. Each slant picked up at least 7 yards and I think 3 were for first downs. That pass was not there the first half of the game and it became apparent that the redskins were not going to throw the ball more than 10 yards when they had wide open recievers underneith. I'm not sure why we didnt try to jump one of those routes with a safety or have a LB drop into the route to help the CB out.

The failure of us to sustain a drive when we got the ball back hurt us. The offense let the D down there. The D was getting tired and if we could have kept the ball for another 2 or 3 minutes, even if we didn't score, it would have helped a lot.

If we could have stopped washington on that first third down, or broken up one or two of those quick slants the redskins would have been lucky to score 10 yesterday.

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