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Giants and Eagles

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Atlanta @ Giants week 11 - Eagles @ Atlanta week 13

These are our two most important games on the remaining schedule. They will be very difficult and I believe these games will determine our post-season. The Giants are really banged up on defense and the loss of safety Kenny Philips has had an huge impact on the whole unit. However, Giants Stadium is a tough place to play and the Falcons are getting screwed again by drawing another team off of a bye week.

The Eagles usually give the Falcons trouble and they have a lot of emerging play makers on offense. I believe both teams lost on Sunday because of poor in-game management from Coughlin and Reid.

If we win both, we're a lock for the playoffs. If we spilt, we have a good chance. If we lose both, see you in 2010.

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This week vs Carolina is the most important game of the season . We win this game chances are good we are going to NY on a 2 game winning streak and the Giants are dead. The front 4 of the Giants have not been the dominant pass rush they have i the past . There secondary might be worse they miss Phillips. This is the key game of our season . We lose to Carolina our season will be done. Cause we will have to go into NY in a must win game on the road and chances are we wont walk out of NY after a loss to the Panthers but we can beat Carolina and still lose to the Giants and still make the playoffs cause the Giants have a rough schedule ahead and wont wind up with the same record as so the tie breaker will mean nothing

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