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Jordan's son wears Nike, costs UCF adidas deal

Cable Guy

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ORLANDO, Fla. -- A fight over the shoes Michael Jordan's son will wear at the University of Central Florida has cost the school any future sponsorship with adidas.

"The University of Central Florida has chosen not to deliver on their contractual commitment to adidas," adidas spokeswoman Andrea Corso wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press. "As a result we have chosen not to continue our relationship with them moving forward."

Freshman guard Marcus Jordan wore a pair of white Air Jordans during UCF's 84-65 win in an exhibition game against Saint Leo on Wednesday night, the Orlando Sentinel reported on its Web site. Jordan has said he will only wear his father's Nike Air Jordan shoes because they hold special meaning to his family.

UCF is in the final year of a five-year contract with adidas that requires coaches and athletes to use the company's apparel and equipment.

"We are disappointed to learn that adidas has chosen to discontinue its relationship with UCF Athletics," the school said in a statement Wednesday night released by spokesman Joe Hornstein. "Once we receive official notice we will be able to further respond."

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What a stupid move by UCF. Allowing a player to be above the program.

Not sure I agree. The kid is right in that there is a special meaning for him to wear shoes named after his dad. All of this, you must wear our product stuff is really stupid anyway, but there needs to be some room for exceptions. I'd compare it to the NBA guys who are "Nike" and had to cover up in some way the Reebok logo on the USA Olympic approved uniform or be in violation of their Nike contract. Really stupid stuff like that.

Anyway, UCF probably gets a huge Nike deal out of it anyway to more than make up for anything they lose from adidas.

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Guess they're switching to Nike. I mean really its Jordan's son. They couldn't have really thought he would wear Adidas. I agree about a player not being bigger than the program, but this is one of those special cases where it is acceptable. Just like Robb said, the whole jersey controversy is ridiculous.

By the way, Nike basketball shoes are better than Adidas.

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