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Mike Smith/Chuck Norris Jokes


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Mike Smith once challenged Lance Armstrong in a "who has more testicles" contest. Mike Smith won by 5.

One of my all-time favorites! :lol:

Brokeback Mountain isn't just a movie title, it's also what Mike Smith calls the pile of dead ninjas in his front yard.

All young ninjas grow up wanting to be just like Mike Smith, usually they grow up just to be killed by Mike Smith.

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Mike Smith gives Freddy Krueger nightmares

D Hall has a restraining order against Mike Smith

So do alot of other people

Mike Smith did all his own tatoos

He would have gotten piercings, but nothing can pierce Mike Smith

Mike Smith can fly

Mike Smith once beat up Steven Segal.

He made chuck lidell tap out, TWICE!!!

Mike Smith once stopped an asteroid from destroying earth by drilling

a hole with his finger and blowing it up with his awesomeness

Underneath Mike Smith's hair is just another fist, not a skull

It only takes Mike Smith 30 seconds to cook minute rice

He once knocked out Mike Tyson

He once shot himself in the head just to see what it felt like

Mike Smith doesn't need a stove. He grinds the coffee with his teeth and

boils water with his rage.

Staring at Mike Smith too long may cause blindness and foot shaped bruises

on the face.

Mike Smith did conquer rome in a day

When Mike Smith walks in the woods. The trees get out of the way.

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The definition of awesome in the dictionary is a picture of Mike Smith.

Mike Smith called John Holmes "Shorty".

Mike Smith's farts cause tornadoes.

Mike Smith could have thrown a force field around New Orleans,but since they were in the same division...

In the beginning there was Mike Smith.The End.

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