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Offensive problems


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We got the win, but our offense is still stagnant.

Turner getting it going is great, but teams can honestly take him away if they want. We have seen it happen many times.

I will say it again and again, Tony Gonzalez is doing more harm to Matt Ryan than what we think.

At first, I thought TG would be a good 3rd down receiver, redzone threat, and huge decoy that would allow Roddy and Jenkins to become even more productive.

Now he is pretty much Matt Ryan's 1st and only look. The main problem that I have with Ryan this year is that he is not going through his progressions at all. He has one target and it is usually Tony Gonzalez.

Our O-Line has not been the best, but you aren't going to get 7 seconds on every drop back. Ryan tucks the ball and runs into the defenders after he sees that his first option is covered.

It is really disturbing when that happens. Many times, he still has some time in the pocket.

He just doesn't escape the rush well either and looks like he is in quick sand at times.

Roddy White was thrown to a grand total of 3 times ALL game. He may drop a few, but he is our best weapon.

I honestly don't think Ryan has confidence in his deep ball either. That is a BIG problem. You cannot go an entire game without even trying to take at least one shot. Against good defenses, our offense cannot be bottled up within 15 yards.

We need to take the focus off of Tony Gonzalez. Make him even more of a decoy instead of the main target. He won't be here for long. Matt is just way too dependent on him and I fear the worst when he leaves.

The magic of Matt Ryan last year was that he converted a HUGE number of 3rd downs. He was extremely efficient....... and why?

Because NOBODY in the building knew where the ball was going. Every Receiver was an option.

Now we all know where the ball is going..... Tony Gonzalez.

I will say that the defenses we have played have been better, but that is no excuse. What are we going to do in the playoffs or down this last stretch?

We aren't going to be playing bad teams then. I don't know about you all, but I am not satisfied with just making the playoffs.

I want it all and if we can't get it, I want teams to have to go through h*ll to beat us.

The magic of Matt Ryan last year was that he converted a HUGE number of 3rd downs. He

We all know Matt Ryan is a good QB. He just needs to forget about making Gonzalez happy and make Roddy the focal point of our offense again. That is when our offense will get back to form.

It will never happen if we continue to run everything off of our TE.

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