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Falcons License Plate

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I purchased mine several months ago. They said they would not be ready until the 1st of November so I need to check the mailbox more closely. I believe I get the paperwork then have to swap plates at the DMV.

Yeah I read that they should be avail nov 1 as well. I'm just such a cheap ***, paying $70 for a license plate is steep, at least some of it goes to a good cause. I know the $70 is just a one time fee, coming down to $45 annually.

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Got mine last week and love it!

TIP: Our county tag office didn't have it by Nov 1 as promised, so don't waste your time visiting your respective office...call your local tag office first to make sure they have it; if they don't, do what I did: I e-mailed the girl from the Falcons who coordinated the effort and told her about the situation, and she communicated w/ the govt folks who had an allotment transferred to my tag office.

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