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My thougts on personel performance


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I started to post this as a response to another topic but would like for more people to read and agree or disagree.

First half of Football for our team I have to believe needs to be considered a success for a few reasons but the main one i believe is key injuries. Defensivly I have to belive our boys have played their hearts out. We may not have the most highly reguarded group but they have played well as a whole especially with the losses of Peria, Williams, Moore (which is questionable as we don't know what we have with him). Kroy and Babs have played like men possessed. JA98 is contributing with a move to the interior line in rotation. Overall Defensivly i think we will have to hold our breath against high powered offenses Such and New Orleans and Indy, but I think we will improve as the year goes on.

On to offense and bear with me because this is where i started my rant. Individual skill players to start.

Turner: Played like a Hall of Famer for the last two games. Before that, having a subpar season according to the standards we hold him to. Snelling seemed to light a fire under his butt before he went down to injury and in turn we have our pro-bowler back. :)

Norwood: Been MIA most of the season with various injuries during the games. Overall dissapointing year so far.

Snelling: Backup fullback and runningback. Shown flashes of brilliance when given the chance, but has been out the last two games

Tony Gonzales: He is who we thought he was. H.O.F., but again being double teamed most of the game. Still having a very solid year for us.

Roddy White: 8games 40Catches 570yards 71.3YPG 14.3YPC 90Long 5.4YAC 25first downs 6TDs

Well on his way to earning his contract, although i would like to see him closer to 100 catches for the following two reasons.

Harry Douglas: :(:(:( Nothing need be said.

Michael Jenkins: 8games 23C 295Y 36.9YPG 12.8YPC 29Long 2.0YAC 14FD 0TDs

unforfunatly i don't have the stat for Drops but i am to understand that its pretty terrible. If Mike is playing better ball this year I can complain a little more about Matt which I am going to whine in a second about. But I expected Jenkins to step up a little more than he has.

Matt Ryan: Not going to get into stats, just what i see in his play. He has tried to force the ball a couple of times which lead to picks, but a lot of his throws in general this year Have been high to targeted recievers. I noticed this a couple of time in the game yesterday. Don't know if this is mechanical or just trying to put the ball in a spot that the recivers can't get to.

Offensive line. The run blocking has picked up recently but Matt seems to be hurrying his throws. As i don't DVR the games and don't have time to commit to watching a replay of it, i would think that our pass blocking has been an issue since the San Fran game. Matt Seems to be making a lot more mistakes since then so i gotta go half and half on fault here between Ryan and the line. Another issue that i have noticed is when the pocket is colapsing and Matt moves forward he rarely makes it back to the line or scrambles for a gain. He is usually sacked. Maybe he is holding on to the ball longer to try to find a reciever and escaping too late. Just not sure.

I surmize:

Turner breaking out now, Roddy staying on a pro bowl reserve pace, Tony Catching just about everything. If we can get Norwood and Snelling healthy and Jenkins starts to come around in the second half of the season on offense, and defensively we can turn the other team over i think we have a real shot at making the playoffs. At worse I see us going 6 and 2.

Thanks for reading, sorry for the length.

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I know when Matt fires the ball into Tony, usually its always a tight spot. Roddy seems to get reasonable separation from the DB, it just feels like Matt is trying to put a little extra "umph" on the ball to get it there and its sailing on him....... A lot..... Maybe he is pressing too hard. I have always been a fan of his throw to the outside shoulder timing routes and feel thats where we do a lot of our damage but haven't noticed a lot of that lately.

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Hey thanks for the effort and good post.

Would like to add some thoughts of my own ...

Eric Weems: OK DUDE! You finally got my 100% trust. Dude does not go down on the first hit and consistently looks like he could break one. I was worried he would muff one or two this season but now I'd say he has a better chance of breaking one for a TD than muffing one. I'm also glad to see him being used more and more in the offense as well. We may see a decent amount of plays for him in the upcoming weeks.

Babs: Nice game dude, I didn't know you were THAT quick.

Biermann: Awesome DE, one of our best on ST, always moving at full speed.

Rest of DL: Looking solid, keep progressing.

Svitek: Solid backup, good to have.

Rest of OL: Good motor, good run blocking, but please give Ryan more than 2 seconds..

DeCoud: Still solid, dude can lay some wood. I mean.. Portis? That's like knocking out Turner.

Coleman: Still solid as well, would like to see more exciting plays but consitency is golden. Nice play on that one catch to punch the ball out to force the incompletion.

Tye Hill: So far so good man, best of luck.

Grimes: is looking servicable, good man-to-man and knows he can make plays.

Houston: may have found some confidence and has turned his head for the first time I've seen in 2009.

Chevy: Getting comfortable, nice sack.

Owens: while we're on DBs... really great motor on special teams. He's almost always there on a tackle.

Peterson: Haven't seen anything too special from him lately, would like another amazing play... We'll need it soon. I don't like this guy in coverage, TBH. Great motor though and always seems to be near the play.

Nicholas: Never see him.. is that good or bad? I did see him on that one long play (screen?) that took the Skins inside the 10. He was the only guy there and was owning one of the blockers but was unable to disengage and get the tackle.

Lofton: You're awesome, always around the ball.

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