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Michael Silver's morning rush pwns D-Hall


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Is Washington Redskins cornerback DeAngelo Hall(notes) experiencing problems with the imaginary friend who lives in his helmet? That’s my theory after he capped a ridiculous week by starting a bunch of drama on the Falcons’ sidelines in his team’s 31-17 defeat at the Georgia Dome on Sunday, then had the gall to whine that Atlanta coach Mike Smith(notes) had “put his hands on me in a harmful way.” Cue the violins. I’ve repeatedly watched the video of the incident, which began after Redskins safety LaRon Landry(notes) put a late hit on Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan(notes) on the Atlanta sideline, and I’m having a really hard time believing that Hall’s planned complaint to the NFL about Smith will be met by anything but laughter.

Some other points about what went down: 1) The opposing sideline is off-limits; even Landry had the good sense to leave after his cheap shot on Ryan. Hall made a point of coming over and getting involved, and then he acted surprised that former teammates and others wanted him gone. 2) Yeah, Smith was angry and had some words for Hall, and let’s see if DeAngelo can guess why. I can: Smith and the general manager who hired him, Thomas Dimitroff, have a strong relationship, and the Atlanta coach wasn’t pleased last week when Hall, whom the Falcons traded to the Raiders in March 2008, publicly called Dimitroff a liar. Given Dimitroff’s impeccable reputation and the laughable notion that he’d have promised a volatile personality like Hall that he’d rework the player’s contract, I’m going to conclude that Hall is being a bit delusional here. In any event, his blatant disrespect for Dimitroff absolutely incited Smith, and Hall shouldn’t be surprised that there’s a connection. 3) If Hall actually believes the Falcons should have signed him to a long-term contract, could he have possibly illustrated any more clearly on Sunday why that would have been a bad idea? 4) Finally, what is Hall, of all people, complaining about? No, he didn’t get his long-term deal with the Falcons, but he got a sweet contract upgrade (seven years, $70 million) from the Raiders in conjunction with the trade – and then, after Oakland cut him eight underwhelming games in the ’08 season, pocketed $8 million for his trouble. A few days later Hall signed with the Redskins for the veteran minimum and finished out the season. In February, Washington gave him a six-year, $54-million deal that included $22.5 million in guaranteed money. It’s quite possible that no player in football has received so much for doing so little. For that reason, the only thing Hall should’ve been doing on the Falcons’ sidelines was hugging Smith, kissing him on the forehead and saying, “Tell Thomas that’s from me, and I love him.” Alas, I’m pretty sure his imaginary friend wouldn’t have approved.

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I lol'd hard.

I was glad to see Coach in the middle of it, and even more glad to see the entire sideline back up coach and then get into Hall's face and Haynesworth (I think he was the other 'Skin there). I kept looking for Dahl to get in it though...

Go Falcons!!!

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