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This is the perfect time for Michael Turner to start burning again. Ryan held us together for the first quarter when Turner was slumping and now Ryan is having a mini-slump and Turner is just putting the team on his back. I love seeing this guy run. He made a very good 'Skins defense (and make no bones about it, they have a great defense) look like Detroit last year. He might be the most exciting RB to watch, save Adrian Peterson.

The best thing I have noticed since Turner has (hopefully) completely righted the ship is that he is beginning to catch the ball out of the backfield. I said at the beginning of the season, this is one element of our game that is really lacking. It will give Ryan easy completions and set him up for multiple successful drives. Aaron Stecker can catch, but I'm not too flattered with his presence in space. We should (please NFL gods) be getting both Norwood and Snelling back healthy for Carolina, which should really help, both Turner stay fresh and give Ryan some easy drop-off passes to the RBs.

My favorite thing about our coaching staff especially Smith and Mularkey is, and they say this all the time, that they are constantly evaluating. You would say to yourself, "Every NFL coach is evaluating/adapting on a weekly basis..." Not true, i.e. Eric Mangini, John Fox. Mularkey and Smith are beginning to understand that you MUST adapt to win in the NFL, sticking to one formula and being too stubborn to change it up will not work any longer in this league, just ask Coach Fox.

Coach Smith obviously learned his lesson in Dallas in not going for the 4th and short and since has gone for it twice in 2 games. And, the showing of love for his players on the sideline with MeAngelo Hall was uncanny. That just exemplifies the dedication and heart he has for every single player on the Falcons'. Tell me those players don't love him? They are willing to give everything, on a moments notice to Smith and that is something you can't coach, it has to be earned, and it haas already begun to pay dividends.

Finally, Tye Hill. This guy is explosive. I think he solidified his spot at starting Left CB. Now, it's time to give Grimes/Owens and shot to take Houston's spot. He is without a doubt our biggest liability on defense. I know Grimes gives up plays like Houston, but at least with Grimes you have enormous upside. His freakishly athletic ability. This kid may give up some plays, but he will make some too. Houston just gives them up with absolutely no upside at all.

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The last couple of games turner has really tried to bounce the run back to the outside on a few occasions and that has been a key difference, along with Having Ovie back of course.....

Agreed 100%. He is no longer running into tacklers. He is making cuts, jukes, jumps, moves that a guy his size with the laws of physics should not be able to make, and now he is only 60yds off Adrian Peterson, but has more TD's

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