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Great game Falcons


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If you don't like the fact that we have not beat a team who currently have a winning record, that's your problem not mind. Not every falcon's fan is a Homer.

Yeah - it would be much better if we had lost to those teams. We are 5-3, exactly where we were last year at this time and yet here you are ....


about a win? Puh-lease! Good teams beat the teams they are supposed to beat and play hard against the teams they are not supposed to beat and sometimes pull off a win.

We're a young team - but a very good team.

We went in to this game on a short week against the 3rd bye team we faced this year and full of injuries and yet - we won. The mighty Eagles - lost to Oakland. hmmmm.....

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It's even better at the Dome. It wasn't until the 3rd Qtr briefly at the Dome that I was reminded I was surrounded by Redskins fans.

Definitely too many hogs in the house. I wonder if there's an NFL mandate that the opposing team can buy so many tickets. It'd be nice if we could sell out the house as season tickets. I know lot's of travel agencies buy season tickets to put in packages.

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