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What does the sudden flurry of UGA offers mean..Sac?

Mr Pickle1

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What's going on in Athens man? I like the looks of Akins/Hubbard, but I thought we didn't really have room in the class for guys like that? What about C. Green? And how many De's can we possibly take?

uga is finding some seniors who have shown out this year and offering. Hubbard is a hot commidity. A bunch of teams are all over him from alabama to uga. Akins has been a guy they have looked at for a while. He is another senior who has had a great sr year. He reminds me of Stephen Hill who really came into his own his sr season. It's great that they are offering some srs who have really blossomed their final year. It's been thought we will take at most 3 to 4 guys, but we could take more depending on who transfers. I think we may have a few more transfers opening up a few more spots. Regarding Christian Green uga is in great shape right now with him, but there is a long way to go til he decides still.

Our DE position is in some trouble so they will take as many as they can. Just because a guy is listed as a DE does not mean that is what he will play at UGA. Burrows can play a number of positions. We most likely will have a few DEs who won't academically qualify or who will be moved inside. We need playmaking DEs. There is no telling who returns for next year. We are so bad at DE now we are playing wood and geno atkins at that spot. We are in dire straights for DEs. Right now we have the following returning:




montez robinson

cornelius washington

Dobbs will move inside IMO next year. Battle is gone. Ball is gone. Tripp stinks and will most likely transfer. Jeremey longo can't stay healthy and will be the next player IMO who may get a medical hardship. He has lingering issues. Right now with our current de commits the only two guys who can contribute right away IMO is butler and fields. Fields is a big question mark grade wise and until butler signs the LOI I won't count him in this class. I believe brandon burrows ends up at another position. Stripling and Morant are too small and need a year or two to really be ready to play. That is one reason why the dawgs offered hubbard and crawford. Both guys have really had great senior seasons and have improved to where the coaches believe one of them can help right away and are farther along than almost all but 2 of our DE commits.

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