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Observation! =)


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I am noticing that we are starting to develop an identity as a team that does not need the QB to have a great game for us to win. Heck, he can have a decent game and it seems like our team is understanding that it's all about making plays anywhere, anytime, and by anyone. Turner had a GREAT game and we got a ton of pressure on the Skins QBs. I haven't checked all of the stats, but I think our special teams did a solid job today and the team just looked like they were in control from the beginning. Like any fan of any team, I hate turnovers, but we can recover from them and that is the key. Let Matt get his mistakes out of his system now and he'll be on point down the stretch as our team comes together.

We lost two straight and bounced back today, so all is well and I walk through my apartment chanting GO FALCONS!! :D

On a side note, my opponent in fantasy football had Michael Turner and he dealt my team a big blow. :P

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