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Hopefully Matt overcomes his slump like Turner did.


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He is more than a franchise QB. He is a future superstar. But he is definitely in a slump, and right now he definitely has happy feet. The hard truth is, had he even been "so-so" in the 3rd quarter of the Saints game, we would have won. He has some things to figure out, big time. But he will. If it was all just easy sailing, there'd be a lot more superstar QB's.

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IMO he def will. Turner is gonna make teams change how the have been planning for us recently.

Once the pressure backs off some and matt can go back to the PA pass.....oh boy.

We could hit our potential right as the season winds down and the playoffs begin.

Yeah, let Turner keep running, and we will see Ryan start passing effectively again...
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Look you are the voice of reason, but Im a fan of the truth

Somethings in life I choose to see things differently, in ways that contrast with reality

Football, not one of those things, I love it to much not to give my honest opinion

And honestly Ryan has been shook, since the cowboys game, We are talking a three game stretch here not a snap shot...

Well, I apprciate your honest opinion. But I disagree.

Ever since the Cowboys, you think Ryan's been shook? I would argue that maybe, just maybe your perception has been altered.

But what I've seen is a game (Cowboys) where our o-line looked bad for several reasons: the opposing team viewed us as a measuring stick which cause them to place way more emphasis on the game than we did, a 3-4 scheme which was pretty good the last couple of years generating pressure which got back on track, and the opposing team had two weeks to prepare versus our team's one.

Against the Aints, I witnessed a team committed to running the ball with an attempt to keep the opposition's high powered offense from taking the field. I did not see a QB who was struggling as much as the "stats" imply (a couple of drops, one pick due to a no-call PI as Roddy got smashed off his route downfield, another pick off a pretty good play by Vilma, and a last play hail mary pick...hardly anything to worry about).

This past game? What I witnessed was a successful attempt at doing what we tried last week, against a darn good defense which had an extra week to prepare I might add. I saw a team doing just enough in the passing game to keep a good defense honest, but a team that was clearly committed to running the ball. Again, I did not see a QB who looked flustered or shook up.

That's my honest opinion.

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