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First time all year I've seen a Falcons unit quit

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For the first time all year, I saw a Falcons unit actually quit. That was our defense after the first half. I guess it was just too tempting to quit playing with the big lead ... after all the season is long and the games are hard.

I don't like that, but thankfully they got things back on track in time to win the game. And it was due to their excellent play in the first half that we had such a big lead.

Still, definitely something to work on. If we start losing the mental toughness, we'll go down hill fast. Gotta stay strong and play like your hair's on fire all 4 quarters.

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I had to wonder about the "why" of that happening. I just don't get it. I didn't see THAT much different in the packages they were using. It really did look like a lack of effort. And if it was the 4th qtr, then maybe I would've written it off to tiring out. But they just came back from half time like they all had 5 hot dogs and a big gulp in the locker room. I don't like seeing that either - one of the most refreshing things about this team's turnaround has been that they don't seem to have an ounce of "quit" in them in most games. They battle for all 4 quarters. We didn't always get that in years past, and I'm easily spoiled by getting to see that again.

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Definitely. They got complacent with the lead. But they snapped out of it in time and you're right ... it is time to celebrate an excellent win!

You can bet your az Smitty will have the boys working on that, though.

Agreed and in a way if there is an upside to them slacking off it's that Smitty will be all over them this week in practice for it and we won't see it happen again.

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