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D-Hall Don DONE it again......LMAO


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Not really.

If your maturity level mentally takes you out of games you aren't any better than a less-talented cornerback who at least doesn't act like a stupid azz every other game.

The fact that he's an emotional ****** negates a great deal of his talent.


That is a good point!!Emotional ******!!that a great label for Hall.. Panthers WR Smith knows how to take Hall out of a game and make Hall lose a game for us!!!Everyone here should remember that game that Hall cost us a win...

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I was at the game but for those watching on TV could you hear us booing him from his introduction to everytime he was back deep to return the ball? Obviously the 12th man caused Meangelo to have yet another temper tantrum.

Yeah, but I'll be honest, that wasn't very smart. We were still trying to hike the ball and the extra noise was making it more difficult for our punt team. It was similar to a few years ago when Sapp was taunting the fans to draw out more and more boos, even though our team had the ball. Our fans need to be smarter than that and not make much noise when we have the ball...even during punts.

But with all of that said, it was gratifying to know that D.Hall heard exactly how we all feel about him here in the ATL. ;)

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