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Just learned up here in the press box that the Redskins decided to announce their defense, and DeAngelo Hall will be the last to run out of the visitors' tunnel during pregame intros. Well isn't that special.

Folks, this is the kind of game that we would stub our toe on during the Jim Mora era. Remember Green Bay in 2005 (and Samkon Gado's 100+ yards and 3 TDs). Or Cleveland in 2006. Bad teams that come into our house and inexplicably escape with a victory.

This is a different Falcons team. A different era. A different mindset.

We're laser-focused on LAYING THE WOOD to our dysfunctional visitors today. We're gonna hit them early, hard and often.

Time to take care of business and play some FALCONS FOOTBALL.

Are you ready?


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I can't wait to hear what Meangelo has to say AFTER the game.

this will be fun to guess: my prediction..

Well they are a good team.. good receivers, but their were some pretty questionable calls out there today, and I think had a few more things gone our way we could have pulled this one out. I think we went out there today and proved that one on one we can hang with any receivers you throw at us. With the exception of those few big plays and calls it would have been 21-16 instead of 13-56...

as far as the crowd it was nice to be back here.. most of the reaction was really positive and i think the city still loves me. the city needs me.. i am D hall.. i am god

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This is much ado about nothing. Some people here love Meangelo (the dumb ones), and some hate him (the ones who actually think straight). But for the most part, we really don't think much about him. We have moved on with a winning team while he's been out there floundering around. I bet there's a decent chunk of the fan base that jumped on last year and doesn't even know who Meangelo is. So all this "running out last" crap is a bit silly and over-done.

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