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Last Year ESPN Was All About Jim Zorn at the Halfway Point

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I remember all the analysts talking about how great he was last year at the halfway point. They did a special on his stupid "Hip hip hooray!" victory yell in the locker room, saying that this mentality was working. They didn't look at who the Redskins had beaten and just went ga-ga over this man Jim Zorn. I could look at the guy and tell he didn't have a clue and that his team couldn't beat good competition.

Meanwhile the Falcons were quietly putting together a good record and ESPN ignored us. Remember on Monday Night Football when they showed who was in the wild card race and they put Tampa and Dallas at the two WC leaders even though we technically had the tiebreaker since we had equal records? IT STILL MAKES ME MAD!

Now ESPN has suddenly shunned Jim Zorn. The guys that claimed he was great, maybe coach of the year material, now trash him and his organization on their every move. They still give too much credit to a defense that has been inflated from the Lions, Rams, Buccs, and Chiefs. the 4 worst teams in the NFL.

Screw the Redskins, screw Jim Zorn, and I will punch every fan of theirs in the face tomorrow in the Dome!


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the redskins zorn controversy is a little frustrating for me because I live in alabama and theres no local coverage on the falcons so I have to depend on espn and the internet. and this computer chair makes my *** hurt, so when I turn on espn and its 98 percent discussion on the redskins it really pisses me off. Why are people so interested in this one particular bad team when there's several really good teams to talk about. Dont talk about the falcons, I dont care, but **** lemme see some stuff about the colts or somethin you know. Or it would be great if 98 percent of the discussion was on how bad the bucs are, they really deserve the focus and I would really enjoy it

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