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I saw my single favorite Falcons play ever Monday night

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I hate that we lost to the Saints. But we battled them hard the whole game and game them everything we had. It was almost too much for them. I am very very proud of my team.


You know, Drew Brees doesn't take a lot of sacks. He gets the ball out fast, and can throw a 40 yard perfect strike even with 2 D linemen hanging on him. But on one very special play, we sacked the living Shiznit out of him.

You know the play. Brees back to throw. They're on their own 10. No blitz. But then, holy cow, some Falcon player SHOT IN LIKE A BULLET AND KNOCKED THE *CRAP* OUT OF BREES! Probably the hardest sack he's taken in years. The speed of this player was UNBELIEVABLE! Of course, as you now know, it was Thomas Decoud. And the sack produced a FUMBLE which good ol' Kroy ran in for a Falcons touchdown.

I thought about Mike Smith's gutsiness and determination on that play. He said, "Sometimes you have to guess right during the game" when playing a team like NO. I thought about the character of a Defense that has been scrappy and strong all year. I thought about a lot of very solid, good things that are going on with our team. And I shouted at my TV, "I LIKE THAT SHEET RIGHT THERE!". Then, staccato, with long pauses for emphasis between each word ... "I . LIKE . THAT . SHEET . RIGHT . THERE !!!"

My favorite Falcons play, absolutely, of all time. Way to go, Falcons, way to go.

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I heard Decoud talking about that play on the radio this morning. He said he had the TE on the play and when the TE stayed in to block, he read it and charged in there full steam ahead. Great read, great result!

Wow! If that was his decision, then that shows a whole higher level of football instincts! That really bodes well for what Mr. Decoud may become.

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