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Not a big T.O. fan but, would T.O. be a good fit in ATL? Know he will be looking for another team after this season. Yes he is overrated but he always gets a double team. This will help out Roddy White. Tell me what you think.

We all ready have a #2 reciever who drops passes, why would we want TO?

TO is the last player I would want. Why?

1) He wants to be and thinks he is the #1 reciever...adding conflict in reciever corp with White.

2) Drops way toooo many passes

3) Complains way toooo much. Putting pressure on Matty Ice to try to fit throws to him.

4) Every team he has been on, including college, he left the team after shattering their locker room

5) Not a TD type of player.

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