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Music lovers: I need your help


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Check these bands out.

1. Place of Skulls

2. Sasquatch

3. Spirit Caravan

4. The Sword

5. Valis

6. Wolfmother

7. Stone Garden

8. Nebula

9. Grand Magus

10. Spiritual Beggers

11. Dinosaur Jr.

12. Dead Meadow

13. Clutch

14. Band of Horses

All are available on eMusic (A lot cheaper than I-tunes)

Spirit Caravan is the best stuff Wino has done IMO

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Spirit Caravan is the best stuff Wino has done IMO

You're absolutely right. He also did a CD with Victor Griffin and Place of Skulls. If you like Wino check out StarChild a band from Waycross, Georgia. You can find their CDs on AllThatIsHeavy.com plus you can download some free MP3s.

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Anyone else have this problem. You sit down to download some music and all of a sudden you cant think of anything you want to download? If I'm away from the comp I can think of 1000 bands and artists i want to hear; as soon as I sit down to do it I draw a blank

any reccomendations would be appreciated:

I have recently downloaded the following so maybe you can see some of the music I like

Muddy Waters

Howlin Wolf

Jack Johnson

Dave matthews

my morning Jacket

the avett brothers

ray charles

Bill withers

the violent femmes

Robert Johnson

Sonny Boy Williamson

Im pretty open to anything but I just cant seem to think of anything I really want.

Sonny Landreth

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