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Who Are Your Favorite Falcons

F@lcon Jack

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My list has changed a little with emergence of newer players and what not, but pretty close to the same as last season!

1. Jenkins (the way he presents himself is absolutely amazing and even though he doesn't make every catch, he makes them when it counts.)

2. DeCoud - NUFF SAID!!!

3. Matt Ryan - My god.

4. Kroy Biermann

5. Curtis Lofton

But I like all the Falcons, I love all the players, there is really no discrepancy.

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Lofton (Big fan as soon as he got here. Falcons haven't really had thud type of hitter since the hammer.)

Turner (Staying positive)

Decoud (Becoming a fan quickly. big fan of safeties, so it's nice when falcons have someone i like.)

Grimey (Though I wouldn't be hurt if he lost his job to someone better.)

Norwood (He's fun to watch)

Mughelli (He's good)

Snelling (From what i've seen anyway)

Wire (You gotta love his will)

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That question is too hard and I don't know if I can hold it to 5 because each week someone does something special and catches your eye.

As far as my favorite players right now ....










Finn because he just always comes through when you need him most.


Ovie - the guy just makes me smile every time I see him - what an infectious attitude!

See - I told you I probably couldn't hold it to 5 - oh well!

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