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Hi everyone. I bleed red & black. Fan of the birds since 91. I've been reading these boards for years and never posted. We'll bounce back. Lets just keep the faith in our birds. Afterall, we are supposed to be in year 2 of our "REBUILDING" phase. Oh yeah, on to the topic..... i screamed at the tv when i saw JA98 line up and stood up. He did it 2ice. Then he dropped back into coverage to cover Jeremy Shockey!!! He obviously got beat like the 49ers in week 5 by us. They showed the replay and the look on JA98's face was priceless. Bad playcalling by the def. cor if you ask me but in all of the negative and heartache i thought i'd bring a lil humor to the boards. Big ups to hill, grimes, turner, mughelli, & wire. Really to all of FALCON nation!!!! Go birds.

ps......this was my first post. lol ;)

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Forgot to give a Big Ups to Thomas DeCoud. That HIT was DEVASTATING! For a hwile we had Brees rattled.

Oh yeah. He's automatic though. That missed shoe string tackle on Miles Austin. Ahhhhhh. Everyone was like the Saints are gonna put 40+ up on us. I knew that wasn't gonna happen. We always seem to bring the warm heat to shut down the "Cool Brees". Last year and this year. He only threw 1 touchdown on us. 1 defensive touchdown. So the high powered air attack....(drumroll please) 1 touchdown. Well, wouldn't want to be a Saint come Dec. 13th.

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