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We HAVE to get this play calling together


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Jamaal Anderson was covering Jeremy Shockey one-on-one and to no one's surprise, he gave up a big play that eventually led to a TD.

I don't care what the excuse is, it is absolutely no reason why a DE should be covering a Pro Bowl caliber TE. Nobody here is a NFL coordinator, but I think we all can agree with that. Those are "give me" plays that we just can't have.... ESPECIALLY against the Saints.

Blitzing- I seriously think we have like 2 different blitzing calls. All of our LBs right up the gut on one and DeCoud or Coleman comes late on the other. It gets picked up 9 times out of 10 with no pressure on the QB. We need some more exotic blitz schemes. We aren't confusing QBs, we are really just opening huge lanes to throw into.

We are the worst team in the league at getting off the field on 3rd downs. I blame that on our DC. Our players are kind of bailing BVG out imo.....

They are forcing these key Fumbles and causing most of these TOs..... the scheme is not doing us much justice. Most teams just march right down the field on us.


The thing that made Matt Ryan so good last year was his ability to convert 3rd downs. Part of the reason why we converted so many of those was because we never knew where the ball was going.

Now EVERYTHING is focused on Tony Gonzalez. When the offense is around Roddy and the WRs, we score points.

Why didn't we use the playaction more after we got Turner going? They obviously would have been vulnerable.

I saw us run that SAME play 5 times with Finneran at FB and there was never any change to it. If we would have ran a playaction out of that formation, I am pretty sure we could have hit a big play.

We got too conservative on the goaline after Turners' great run. He HAD to be winded a little, but yet we still handed it to him and he only got maybe two yards.

Then we ran the playaction pass which was too predictable. If would have ran it on 1st down, the D might have been on their heels. That 2nd down interception almost had to be a passing play and The saints D sat on it.

We ran one deep pass that resulted in a TD. It may have been a PI on Roddy, but good things can happen when you take shots..... unfortunately there was never another play like that which is very similar to how we have been playing all year.

Our Coordinators really need to step it up imo if we want to get to continue to get better.

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