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I'm proud of the way the team played


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Even down by two scores, they got the one they needed, and got the onside kick. All they had to do was drive 50 yards in under a minute against one of the stoutest defenses in the league, and then convert for two.

Then, win in overtime.

No big deal, right?

<end sarcasm>

Listen, every member of this team, from Mike Smith right down to the third string waterboy, needs to be congratulated for going into what is probably the most hostile Dome in the league, and giving a team that is absolutely on fire everything they could handle.

Wait until they come to the Georgia Dome. It won't be as easy, my black and gold friends.

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I felt pretty good about the game in the morning. I have seen plenty of Falcon games in the past where the team just rolled over in the 4th quarter. We will be rewarded for this game.

It kinda reminded me of the Giants-Pats season ending game in 07. The Giants had nothing to play for with a playoff spot already wrapped up but they played their ***** off in that game but still lost. 5 weeks later they were super bowl champs. Not that that will happen to the Falcons but when you don't quit good things happen.

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