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I have never felt better after a lose

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I don't post alot, but I am on the boards all the time. I posted a couple of times trying to run grimes out of atlanta but he has really won me over with all that heart that he shows every game. I see that there is alot of negative crap on here today like there is after every lose. To me last night my team the ATLNTA FALCONS showed that they are here to ball for the long run. We want win every freaking game so you are going to have to deal with the good and the bad. I see a win in the dome when the saints come here. I am a Falcon fan and I will be in the dome sunday to watch Rodey burn D Hall on a slant and go route. But I am looking forward to the future and i can finally say that our future is bright. And to h*** with all the haters. Oyea bump this until Grimes gets a 99 jump rating on madden.

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Good post. I really feel good about what we did last night, and it shows that we are a very good team.

I have been on the Grimes bandwagon since we saw him play against Arizona in that shoot out we had with Redman at QB a few years ago. I've defended him up until the past couple of weeks, when I said he should go.

If he keeps up the level he showed last night, he deserves his starting spot. I'm not so sure Houston has quite done as much. But we will see if the little guy can do it.

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