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Observations from Saints vs Falcons


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1. Matt Ryan is good for a second year quarterback. It was evident that he got flustered and impatient in the pocket quick but this is his second year. He is still on the learning curve. The interceptions werent his fault. The first one was a missed PI call when Vilma blatantly hit Roddy before the ball was even close and allowed Greer to pick it off. The second one was a tipped ball thrown towards Gonzalez that fell short and into Porter's hands. Yea it would have been a tight squeeze but i think it would have made it passed the db. Like Jaws said, Ryan was gonna have to make some tight throws to win the game and as a 2nd year QB he did what he could.

2. Our running game is coming alive. Turner has become more patient and allowed the line to flow instead of shooting for the first thing that pops open. We are going to be fine now that things are starting to click. Get back a healthy Snelling and one day Norwood and the running game will be back to its 2008 potency. You see the difference Mughelli makes in our offensive scheme when we can run the ball.

3. Our defense is starting to gel. Yea nobody may like our current CB situation but i think they played a **** of a game last night. Yea Houston didn't get his head turned around and Hill got beat for the touchdown but can you ask for tighter coverage? I mean Houston was in great position to make the play it was just a perfect throw and perfect throws always beat perfect coverage. Same for Hill. He even stuck his hand in to knock it out but Colston just man handled his way into catching it. But to be able to come back the way they did. Starting with Grimes' amazing interception to the forced fumble caused by DeCoud. Even the two forced fumbles late in the game. The defense caused 4 turnovers but the offense didn't capitalize like the Saints did. We even held them to 7 points in the second half. They fought and fought hard like I said they would need to do to have a fighting chance vs them and we are starting to see a strong defense develop. Look at the Saints in 06 and now in 09. They still have some of the same players they just had time to gel and added luxury players like Greer and Jenkins and Sharper to it which just made things better. Now look at the 08 defense and the 09 defense for the Falcons. We have our core. Give it time. We knew we were going to have growing pains but they never disbanded one another and they fed off the circumstances.

4. Play Calling. I think this was the best play calling all season long. Whether they wanted to say it for now or just finally had an epiphany on Sunday is beyond me but for some reason they called all the right plays (for the most part). Finally going for it on a meaningful fourth down. Sticking with the run. Letting Ryan air it out. What ever is your fancy they called it.

If you guys are looking at this game like I'm looking at this game, you see nothing but optimism. We have a really solid young team. Give me 3 things: A few close losses, Time, and the '10 Draft. I say a few close losses because teams really get stronger after close losses not blow out wins or losses. They begin to realize they are all they got and learn what it takes to avoid those close losses in the future. I say time because you can't get better unless you play the game and we have 9 more games to get better. And obviously the Draft will bring in even more talent to an already talented team and allow us to turn into a powerhouse. (Plus we get back our injured players)

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