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The birds came to play. We lost and that sucks but its always good to see the birds step up for our biggest nemesis. Mistakes were made all around so U cant dump it all on Ryan. I will say tho he needs to learn how to check off or pump fake. He's staring down receivers, especially Gonzo. MV used to do the same thing but everybody was more worried about him taking off rather than tossing one to his favorite Crumpler.

I think the verdict is in on our "D". There not gonna stop anybody. The Niners game was a gift cause Shaun Hill sucks. If any success is to be had this season were gonna have to kick it up to high gear and do it **** Vermeil style and just run up the score and hopefully outscore our opponents like his 99 Ram team.

Matt, Roddy, Turner, Gonzo....all showed up. Jenkins???? I like the guy ..hes plays hard....Not sure he has the talent tho. Chris Chambers is available.....Coouldn't hurt at this point.

Hats Off to the Birds for bringing the fight

Lifes a game U gotta play it while U can!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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