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Face the facts.. Saints have WAY more playmakers than we do at this point


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So do the Eagles, Cowboys, Vikings and a bunch of other teams.. On both sides of the ball.. We have 2 impact players.. Turner and Roddy.. The Saints have a TON of players than make big plays.. as do the Vikings...the Eagles... etc.. We play hard, we play tough, but in the end, we are a few players away from being great...

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I too think we need about 2 more good drafts before we're able to truly contend for a Super Bowl. Overall I like the direction that this team is headed though.

Me too.. Smith has em playing hard.. We need a complimentary guy to Roddy, like Gruden said... We need more speed and deth at RB (Norwood is gone, hurt too much).. we need DL help and Corner help..

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Let's see - who is out injured - but still a part of this team.

Jerious Norwood

Jason Snelling

Harry Douglas

Brian Williams

William Moore

Peria Jerry

Antoine Harris

Thomas Johnson

There was some decent talent missing from the game because of injury. Just sayin'

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