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What a battle! I was SO PROUD of the Falcons!!! Every single one of 'em.. FIGHTING throughout the entire game. They NEVER gave up..We may have lost, but the Saints KNOW they were in a battle, we bloodied their noses anyway. We had a couple of bad breaks-we would've WON if it weren't for the bad calls. Just wait till the AINTS come to OUR house...They'll be wimpering like sick puppies after we destroy them here at home!!!

I seriously think we can go 12-4 and DEEP in the playoffs this year. We'll be 6-3 going in against the Giants, and after we played the Saints like we did last night, I think we can take THEM at their home place..Maybe I'm a bit optimistic, but I can't help it..I'm PROUD of my TEAM!!

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