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I just wanted to get your attention. Living in California I have heard a lot of sh!t about the falcons over the years. But, I will always stand behind them!

It sounds like I am the only one on here that thinks our defense played very good against the #1 offense in the league.

The only real problems I see for our team is that we have one #1 wr. a hall of fame tight end and 3 or 4 #3 wr's! WE NEED A #2! The second and final is that we need a new kicker. Dont get me wrong I think Elam is good but, he is getting older.

When we fill those holes we will be super bowl champs!

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dang, was kind of hoping to see a troll getting burn... I even bring my own torch just in case..

you not the only one. there more then a few people here who think the falcons play a great game tonight. Jenkins can do a lot better then what he doing right now.. He just need to stop trying to run with the ball before he catch it.

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