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10 years

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I've been visiting this site for around 10 years or so. Sometimes I come here after a loss, most of the time I avoid it like a plague. I have never once made a post because of it's mostly pointless. Anyway, any of you who sit around here and denounce your fandom are a bunch of ******* morons. I don't care about the code of conduct, it needs to be said. This is the best Falcon team I have seen assembled since the super bowl run in 98. Losing on the road to the best team in the league by 8 points is nothing to be ashamed of. I, myself, am proud of our team and any true fan would be as well. Did we win? No. But at least we fought till the end and gave it our all for all four quarters. So all you fairweather fans keep running your mouth about how we should have signed an over the hill McAllister with injury problems, just know that any of your ******** armchair GM moves would have most likely amounted to ****. Almost forgot too, Vick will never, ever, be as good as Ryan is, even in Ryan's first year. I've watched every game since I was old enough to remember in 95 and he's the best thing this franchise has ever had. I'm glad I wont be associated with this crowd and banned immediately because most of you don't know anything about football. We have on of the worst fanbase's in foootball an frankly I'm ashamed to admit I come here. Those who continue to support our team, I applaud you hope you stop coming here. Good night and go Falcons.

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