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To those threatening to leave


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Cowboy fans will welcome them with Open arms, Thats where Bandwagoners tuck their tail, put on their blue's and steers and root for rusty ol'e winning history that half the current roster of Dallas wasn't around to even witness as a competent human.

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The Giants and Saints are the only upcoming games I see that will be an issue... Seriously... Turner the Burner lit it up, Decoud looked like a Missle on that sack, and the Beer Man knew what to do with that hot potato... Matt didn't have the best game, but he's just halfway through his second year...

Jump ship all you whiny Bitche*... You are supposed to stick with your team and fight through any adversity there is... Last time I checked, this wasn't the last chance for the Falcons to make the playoffs...

I have served with 18 year old kids in Iraq that didn't back down and quit on their team... When the S hits the fan, you man up, figure out why, and go kick some tail... Of course, that is a different battle ground, but you get the point...

The only tail the whiners have is the one between their legs

Sayonara and Buh-Bye Bitche*

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