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Elam please clean out your locker...


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Elam was "automatic" last year, but he's "semi-automatic" this year....Wow, what a difference a year makes.

He even missed an extra point.....sheeeeesh! I think we better start looking for his replacement NOW...stick

a fork in him, 'cause I think he's done!!!

He has a hip problem, and rarely gets to practice much....that could mean "the end"...SOON. He's a "homer", and I hate to say it, but we need a young college kicker in here, that can put it through the up-rights....maybe even a younger veteran.

And I hope we address this, come the off-season, 'cause a good kicker can win 2 or 3 games a year for you!!!



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Elam please clean out your locker and help Jenkins clean out his Locker...

Man.............I would give anything to help him pack. No wonder his extension was so easy to get done. I really hope Smith looks in to starting Finn. He is good for some TDs and chain moving receptions. He is like a second gonzalez out there

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I'm sure Elam can make it as a Golf Pro at some Florida Golf Course, but he should be done as a Falcon.

Jenkins had as much to do with this loss as anyone. That 3rd catch in the first half was HUGE and he takes his eyes off the ball? Seriously???

Jenkdropkins needs to man up and just RESIGN from pro sports.

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