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2 guys made amends tonight


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Michael Turner -

We've been calling him out all year for running soft and "tippy-toeing" around, but he was running with purpose tonight. It was like watching a game of Madden seeing him plow his way through those piles. Dude was a beast!

Brent Grimes -

This was sort of his coming out party, but BG showed why the coaches kept him around so long. Played a really well-rounded game and did ya'll see that interception? The man has ups!

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i do give props to Grimes, after all that has happened to this point in the season he's shown why he actually should be with us, and wowzers he just flew up to get that ball, man amazing jumping skills. Burner we knew was just having a slow start to his game, but tonight showed why he is called the Burner and why he's apart of this Falcon-Era.

-GO Falcons and jayhawks (both lost :( this weekend/monday)

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