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Please Calm Down..Fake fans are showing up now.


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Even though we lost this game we know we can hang with the Saints. We showed heart and determination to not give up which is always good to see. Yes this lost hurts me too but taking a positive we didn't get waxed like everyone thought we would. Even when the odds are against us we still gave it our all we played good enough to give us a shot at end. Yea we didn't succeed but this lost will make us more hungry , more humble and ready to improve on makes. Brees just made some very nasty throws and his guys went up and got them we played pretty good coverage.

Also Turner ran like a monster tonight. We had a couple of close calls go against us and Vilma made a **** of a play to tip it and change the ball speed. If you are bashing Ryan you should be ashamed yes he made some bad throws but the crowd was rocking and protection was breaking down also guys didn't make some plays. I am looking at it this way we 4-3 after the 7 of some hard games is pretty impressive. We are hitting the softer part of our schedule and I see this game as the game that just makes us play that much better the next and the next one. I hope I am right but if your calling the season over you should really find a new team then.

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