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The Atlanta Falcons lost...


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Losing is never ever a good thing, in any since of the imagination, and I realize that. I would have loved for the Falcons to have won the game, but there is one important lesson that we, the fans, all saw tonight. Those guys left everything on the field tonight. They played their hearts out tonight and gave an unbelievable effort. That is all that I as a fan can ask for, and I hope that all of the other fans agree.

Big ups to, but not limited to: Michael Turner, Roddy White, Tony Gonzalez, John Abraham, Curtis Lofton, Brent Grimes, Eric Weems, Coy Wire, and Thomas Decoud.

Big downs to, but not limited to: Sam Baker, Tyson Clabo, Michael Jenkins, Kroy Bierman,and Jason Elam.

My Monday Night Football grumblings:

1. Roddy White was interfered with by Jonathan Vilma on Matt Ryan's pick six.

2. Sam Baker got dominated by Will Smith allllll night long. Pathetic...

3. Our defensive backs played pretty well. The Saints just made some amazing grabs all night long.

4. Second half defense was as incredible, as it was inspiring.

5. Again, effort that many say doesn't exist in professional sports was shown. We proved them all wrong tonight. 6. The Atlanta Falcons are brothers, who fully commit to Mike Smith and the rest of the staff.

Thank you Falcons...I wouldn't want to be a Redskin right about now. We are about to lay the wood on them!

In the words of Jimmy Valvanno, "Don't give up. Don't ever ever give up."

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