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Great Falcons effort -- but Ryan gets the blame


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I love Matt Ryan. I wore his jersey tonight. I know he had struggled but I knew he could come back with a strong effort. But this was not it.

Sure, he made some big throws, like the post to Jenkins. But the bomb to Roddy? I'm sorry, thats just Roddy doing work. And what about when he had Roddy in the back of the endzone? You gotta put it on him! And of course...the pick at the end of the half. This was killer. Though Elam really hurt us with missed FGs, Ryan's pick at the end of the half was unacceptable. It was easy New Orleans points...and even on the tipped pass, it was a GREAT play by Vilma. But Porter could have still had a shot at it.

Ryan, I love ya, you played pretty well...but you blew the game for Atlanta tonight.

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I disagree....

The Hail Mary INT...who cares?

The pick in the red zone...just a great play by Vilma.

and the INT that Greer took back...questionable no call on the contact by Vilma on Roddy.

I don't care about the Hail Mary INT, no way. And Vilma did make a nice play, still a questionable decision by Ryan. But who cares if Roddy doesn't get rocked? I fully agree it should have been a penalty but it STILL GETS PICKED. And thats a killer. Your in the Saints house, down by 7. Give yourself a chance in the game and don't beat yourself.

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