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Well Played Game Falcons!


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let's not forget the TD pass to White where Greer got mugged......

Give me a F'n break! You guys had your chance and blew it..... we had 5 turnovers.... and you still couldn't win. I can guarantee you this...the game at your place won't even be as close.

If you can't win with 5 TO's .....you figure it out....

FU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We will destroy you in the GA Dome. Go back to smoking what you got loser troll!!!!

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We gave the Aints all they could handle tonight and the refs had to step in and determine the outcome of the game again. Way to go Falcons!! I mean this literally! We played a great game tonight. Go back and watch the game. Without 2 crucial bad (terrible) calls we win this game. One holding that never happened that continued one of their drives and one illegal block in the back that wasn't called that continued another drive. There was a third call that was completely bogus but I have had too much to drink to remember what it was. Until we can get a fairly/unbiased officiated game on the road we have no chance against better teams. The officiating staff should be embarrassed but they have pressed their agenda once again and I am really tired of my team getting the short end of the stick. FU NFL officials!!! We are a good team azz licks, deal with it!

Ya'll played a good game. I keep hearing all this talk about the refs this and the refs that . . . . What about the helmet to helmet hit on Brees on the sack and fumble? Or the push off by Roddy White on the long touchdown? There were bad calls that went back and forth, stop making exuses. The Saints simply made more plays when it counted. Also stop saying that we escaped with the win. Yeah, ya'll made it close at the end because of stupid game mgmt and bonehead mistakes, but I wouldn't call scoring 35pts escaping. Especially when your offense only scored 14pts.

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