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To say that it was one guy is ridiculous. I'm sorry to come off that way but it is. Man, there were so many intangibles that took place (bad calls, bad playcalls, bad penalties) that its just hard to say. We'll go 12-4

I understand what your saying but the man gets paid to do 1 thing - kick FGs. He isn't kicking off, he isn't playing any other position or scheme. Excuses have been all over this board since preseason like he's a vet, he's injured, he's sick....problem is, this is not the first game he missed kicks. This is not the first game he missed the point after. He should be replaced and not by Koenan unless its a short term deal while we find another kicker.

If we want to come down on everyone else not making plays, AKA Houston, Grimes, Turner, Ryan, etc - then we have to address a position that cannot consistently put points on the board. He use to be money, his time has apparently past him buy and I hope we address it before we are too far out of the playoff scenarios.

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