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Wanna know the truth about this team?


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Ok so I'm tired of arguing with every whiney post I see on here I already got banned once for dealing with idiots so I'm going to express these thoughts in a grown up manner.

Grimes is our best CB. No questions. Has been and will be for the rest of the season.

Ryan is a top 10 QB in the NFL in his second year playing. If you disagree you don't know football.

Turner is a top 5 RB. He needs good blocking and a deep passing threat like every RB does.

Lofton is an ELITE player. I hope he is here forever.

Decoud is awesome.

Elam sucks.

Our OLB are ok, not great.

Roddy White is a great #1 WR.

Jenkins has been and always been a #3 WR at best, but HD is hurt.

We will have a winning record this year.

We will beat the Saints.

And Dharma Initiative sucks at life.


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