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Pretty funny joke one of my friends sent me..he's a Saints fan

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Peyton Manning, after living a full life, died and went to heaven.

When he got to heaven, God was showing him around.

They came to a modest little house with a faded Colts flag in the window.

"This house is yours for eternity, Peyton," said God.

"This is very special; not everyone gets a house up here."

Peyton felt special, indeed, and walked up to his house. On his way up the porch, he noticed another house just around the corner. It was a 3-story mansion with a black and gold sidewalk, a 50-foot tall flagpole with an enormous Saints logo flag, and in every window, a New Orleans Saints towel.

Peyton looked at God and said "God, I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but I have a question. I was an all-pro QB, I hold many NFL records, and I even went to the Hall of Fame."

God said "So what's your point Peyton?"

"Well, why does Drew Brees get a better house than me?"

God chuckled, and said "Peyton, that's not Drew's house, it's mine."

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good joke, but if true God really is a Aints fan he must be playing a terrible joke on that franchise!

Lol if I was GOD (and I don't presume to be) I'd have the Saints go 16-0 in the regular season and get absolutly demolished by a wildcard team in the playoffs. That would be cruel.

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Roddy White, Reggie Bush, & Drew Brees died in a plane crash and went to Heavan. St Peter met them at the gate and let them in. He handed them each a pair of wings and said that as long as you think pure thoughts your wings will not fall off. If you think unclean thoughts your wings will fall off of you. Just then a pair of sexy female angels walked by and winked at the trio. Roddy's wings fell off. When he bent over to pick them up, Drew & Reggie's wings fell off.

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