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I think, that Stecker will suprise some players. I like him. He was a tough runner. He will not run for 120 yards. But he can suprise.

No suprises, that Norwood, Snelling and Johnson are out.

At the saints. Fujta is inactive.....

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Falcons inactives:

4 JP Wilson (3rd QB)

32 Jerious Norwood (RB)

41 Antoine Harris (S)

44 Jason Snelling (RB)

59 Spencer Adkins (LB)

75 Garrett Reynolds (OT)

76 Quinn Ojinnaka (OT)

93 Thomas Johnson (DT)

Saints inactives:

5 Garrett Hartley (kicker)

10 Chase Daniel (3rd qb)

24 Leigh Torrence - CB

30 Lynell Hamilton - RB

39 Chris Reis - S

55 Scott Fujita - LB

60 Nick Leckey - Center

98 Sedrick Ellis - DT

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I guess we get to see what Vance Walker can do. He is active right? His number is sixty something I think. Anybody know who those other numbers are?

The usual suspects - Antoine Harris, Ojinnaka, Garret Reynolds, Spencer Adkins.

plus Norwood, Snelling, and Johnson, 3 guys who aren't usually on this list.

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It's sad that we are so upset that snelling won't play because we can't depend on turner anymore.

I'm so sick to death of these injuries. Why do we have to have so many players so injury prone? How the **** can you win when your best players are on the bench crying about their boo boos? Ugh..this just freaking sucks

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