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More predictions from media....

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I haven't looked at a pick-em or a Power Ranking all week we prety much know what were gonna hear.

**** the panalists at the NFL Network this very minute were asked to breakdown Falcons/Saints and they completly ignored the question and started taliking about a Vikings/Saints matchup.

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Check out ....the biased predictions on Saints / Falcons game tonite!

Not surprised......EFF THEM!!

We are going to shock Saints & the entire NFL tonite!!

Let's Go Falcons!!!

I don't know if I'd call them biased the way the two teams have been playing. If I was an "impartial" analyst, I'd probably pic the Saints too. I did hear someone on the radio this morning pick the Falcons...only one I've heard do so so far.

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I think being a significant underdog plays into our hands. All week our team has heard about how much of a mismatch this game is going to be. I'm sure they are aware of the pointspread. If I were them, I would be pissed.

I expect the falcons to leave it all on the field tonight. This WILL be the night when some of our under-performers show up and shock the NFL. I expect to see a big game from Abraham, Turner, Anderson, just to name a few. Also, look for our so-called terrible defense to look like they belong in this league!

For those who don't believe, I would like to remind you of a game in Minnesota during the 1998 NFL post-season. A powerhouse team that outmatched us in every aspect (on paper).

Go Falcons!

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