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CMR's press conference..


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Some good news seems no injuries that need surgery. Some guys were hurt, but not severe enough to have surgery. CMR commented on Aaron Murray. He is 100% and CMR will not let the fact we have 4 games left in the season stop him from playing Aaron.

--Every position being looked at for possible changes. Nothing to say at this time, perhaps on Tuesday.

--On rebounding: "We are 4-4 and we need to win a game. . . . When things are not going well we need to work just as hard as when they are going well. . ." Then added stuff about keep fighting, don't give up.

--INJURIES: Nothing to report yet. Nobody needs surgery, but can't say who is 100-percent, but nobody "out".--

--On Murray: Healthy now. 100-percent. This info came in a direct response to if Murray is healthy do don't read too much into it. A follow-up question on the notion of young players playing, paraphrase: we will do everything to give us the best chance to win this season.

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UGA has nothing to lose this year. Might as well get the Murray era started. At least he can move around and throw on the run. All you tell him is to hand the ball off and when he has to throw look for #8 and if that fails find #7 and we know he already knows how to do that.

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