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Perhaps I'm setting myself up for failure in the discussion by readily admitting I'm a huge UGA fan, but when it comes to Tebow I just don't see a pro QB at all at this point. I think Rex Grossman was twice the pro prospect that Tebow is and a lot of people thought Grossman was overrated as a 1st round projection.

Tebow has great numbers... decision making is great, cuz his TD/INT ratio is redonkulous. But we see that a lot with QBs who run the spread. His leadership I don't think needs to be commented on much... he's that rare scary great leader that anyone would love to have.

He has great arm strength, but his delivery on any pass beyond maybe 5 yards is a sloooow wind-up that starts by his hips. That's going to lead to ridiculous amounts of forced fumbles... though it would probably prevent him from being a starting QB to begin with.

Fortunately for him mechanics can be taught and improved drastically. It's obviously not a big concern to groom him for the NFL while he's the starting QB at Florida though. That's just not the type of offense they run from the QBs perspective. If he could get that fixed, he might have a future at QB in the NFL.... but short of that his size, speed, durability, tough running and just pure fire make him an offensive asset.

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