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We do not know when to use the No Huddle Offense.

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For instance, last week we score on our first drive without any problem at all, then our defense stops Dallas 3 and out, then we come out with the no huddle offense? I mean why? are you serious? We were in a groove already, no need for the no huddle offense unless it is needed to spark us and put us in the groove to score. :angry:

Also in the New England game, when were running regular plays and was in a funk, that's when we should of used the no huddle offense more, but nope we didn't and lost. :angry:

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If he hasn't learned his lesson by now, he won't. I think with Turner's slow start, he's just being cautious with a young QB. I think he will unleash the Ice on New Orleans. A few of those drives were killed by drops and a non-existent run game. The whole offense just hasn't clicked yet. November will be different. (It better **** well be!)

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