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Theres 2 ways we can look at these injuries to the

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1. We're screwed, because we need a ball controlling O monday and without a running game it will be hard to control the ball.


2. The injuries are a good thing. Turner truly has to show Monday Night he can lead this team in big games. He can make it happen when we need him to. Now with these injuries he is going to get the ball a lot. There is no better time for him to bust out. There is no better time for the OL to bust out. Coming off a loss last week playing a Monday Night Game in New Orleans, its a division rivaly, and playing a team that most say IS the BEST TEAM IN THE NFL.

Looks like we get to put that to a true NFC South Brawl Test wont we. And in a fist fight I dont pick against the Falcons. Especially after the way we went punch for punch with the Bears. We are battle tested.

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I was looking forward to seeing Snelling beast the Saints on MNF. I'd like to see some 3 wideout sets with Weems in the slot.

Hopefully Snelling can go Monday because I was looking forward to watching him play, and watching him run behind Ovie some. And this Saints D is aggressive and I believe if we can take advantage of that and spread their D out, then we will be able to get the running game going. And if we get the running game goin, Roddy and Tony will see a lot of balls thrown their way from play action.

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