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Forza 3 is the Best Racing Game Out Now

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I almost didn't get this game, mostly because I bought GT5 Prologue earlier this year and figured I just wasn't into sim racing games anymore. Turns out I just needed a good sim racer.

Forza makes everything a little more accessible for the casual gamer, compared to the previous 2 entries. It has helpful options you can switch on and off as well as a quick upgrade option for those that do not want to spend so much time looking at upgrades.

The best thing to me is the online user stores. You can use your in game credit to purchase users' vinyl designs, car designs, and to bid on cars from users. If you are someone good at making these items you can get a nice fat wad of virtual cash to spend in the game. It's great to keep the customization going strong.

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I have a good friend that loves that game. He liked the second one as well. He's the type of person that unlocks all the cars, designs them to look like F1, Petite La Mans,ish cars. Hours and hours of him making exact emblems. Then selling them for massive profits and make more and more.

I had the second one as well. I'll have to wait on this one because COD Modern Warfare 2 will be my late late weekend nights for months to come.

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DO not get this game....! its 4:57 AM and i just stopped playing now... started around 10pm lol! I kept saying let me complete this race than i am done etc etc. Next thing you know its 5AM lol.

I have 600k money trying to save up 1,400,000 so that i can get the Bugatti ... I have G35 now all max upgrades and its awesome. I wasted 77k on upgrades on chevy camero and it sucked, so i am sticking with my g35 until i get enought for Bugatti. I have the computer set on hard and most of the helpful stuff turned off... i get +60CR for all the difficulties. Pretty cool game.

I also loved forza 2 so this was a must buy for me and it did not disappoint. If you have a 360 you need to get this game even if you do not like racing games.

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